24 Hour Zine Thing

Web site: rock scissors paper
Tempe, Arizona
size: quarter-size

While I was hanging out, I had this idea, see?

It's 24 quarter-sized pages with a couple extra things pasted/taped in. Overall, it was a great exercise in layouts! I made some formatting errors, and the content isn't nearly as tight as I'd like. I recommend that everyone else sleep a long time before starting their zines. It took me over an hour to think of a theme after looking through a stack of magazines and cutting out random commercial art and backgrounds. I like the layout of the first half better and the content of the second half better. I don't like any of the typos. *sigh*

Some of the contents:
Stuff I thought I knew
Stuff I always remember
Stuff I often forget
Julie reviews the phases of her own life
Bad Things I Did When I Was a Kid
Ani DiFranco vs. Barry Manilow
Bisexual vs. Asian-American
A Rant about the State of the Union
Julie tries to draw her own comic strip
Writing Prompts for the People/Julie Interviews the World

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