24 Hour Zine Thing

Troy, Michigan
size/goal: 1/4, Get back into zine-ing--this will be the first zine I've completed in 3+ years!

Da Capo Al Fine

This zine, my first in nearly three years, consists of five short stories presented in a traditional symphony format, all having to do with different scenes of my years as a cellist. It is 24 pages long, 1/6th size, bound with cardboard and ribbon - no two copies are alike. Each also comes with a mix CD with the likes of Sigur Ros, Aloha, the Mutato Muzika Orchestra, and many more on it. Loosely translated, Da Capo Al Fine means "From the beginning, to the end". It's a common musical term meaning to go back to the start of the piece and play it through to the finish, and I deemed it rather fitting for the zine. :)

Due to time constraints (I'm leaving to be a cello teacher/camp counselor in a week!) I would like to do trades only - and expecially with other 24 Hour Zinesters! I have only 20 copies 7 copies left to speak of since they were pretty detailed/expensive to make. But, if you'd like to trade for a copy, send me your snail-mail address to cellorock@gmail.com - at the end of the week, I'll do a mass mail out. My address is below, but don't worry if your zine doesn't get to me in a week's time - I'll have my parents send it my way at camp (where I will definately be needing new reading material!).

My address is:
Kaylan Mitchell
5816 Cliffside
Troy, MI 48085

Thanks everyone, and have a good day!

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