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Michael Bush
size/goal: Still haven't decided on a format, although I should imagine there will be shitloads of glitter involved along the way.

When the Moon Is Fat

'It's really good' - Michael's Mum.

'I don't get it - what is it? Is it a book? Eh? Oh! Can I make one?' - Michael's Sister.

That, my friends, is my sister, reading with great fascination from the pages of the very first issue of ...when the moon is fat, my Twenty Four Hour Challenge project, and, coincidentally, my first ever zine.

I wasn't going to start making it until later this week, but I went out and bought myself some fancy card and stick-on stars yesterday, and I thought it would be silly to waste the ideas which kept popping into my head just so as I could stick to the 'concieved and created in twenty four hours' rule.

I started writing at just past half past nine last night, and I've just finished - with the exception of stapling the things together, because just now have I realised that my stapler won't actually reach to the middle of my zine - now. I was really ratty from the lack of sleep, and the fact that my back was aching like nothing else from being hunched up on the rickety chair in our conservatory, cutting out pictures of the moon and sticking them onto the front cover, but I've enjoyed myself an awful lot, and it was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be to finish in twenty four hours - granted, there's some filler, and the next issue should be a lot more refined, but I'm proud of it.

Topics covered include my Patrick Wolf fandom, Penny Broadhurst, my passion for travelling on trains, and what I want to be when I grow up. There's some book recommendations, and a nice long list of fifty one records I think you'd enjoy for good measure.

I only made fifteen copies - a trial run - which, after sending one to Julie and a dishing a couple out to my friends, I'm letting my LiveJournal friends have first dibs on, but if there are any left at the end of the week I'll let you all know and perhaps we can do a trade...

Apologies for the atrocious pictures - my webcam is dreadful, and I don't have a scanner - but I'm sure you'll get a better idea when Julie posts them in the gallery.

UPDATE: I have four copies left over, so if anyone would like one, send me an e-mail: trashallrockstars @ yahoo.co.uk. 1.20 UK / $2.40 US (which is a lot, I know, for a zine, but I have to pay for shipping from the UK, and buy myself some new ink for my printer so I can do another issue at some point in the very near future). I'm moving out on Saturday, so any e-mails after that might go unanswered for a little while, but rest assured I haven't forgotten about you!

Cheerio, Michael. xxx

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