24 Hour Zine Thing

Miranda Hale
Web site: The Pleiades Zine
Spokane, Washington
size/goal: Quarter-sized zine. My personal challenge is to make a zine that is at least somewhat happy/fun for once.

clara marie candycane & me

Hi! I'm Miranda & I do the Pleiades zine. & My 24 Hour Zine zine is done! It's called "Clara Marie Candycane & Me" & is a love letter of sorts to my 4-year old niece Emma & memories of our times together (she lives in Taiwan, so I don't see her very often) & what I've learned from her & what I hope for her future. It also offers a little history of our blended family (Emma's dad is my step-brother) & at the end, there's a list of things Emma loves & some suggestions of fun, creative, & self-esteem boosting activities to do with kids, especially little girls.

This zine is 24 pages & quarter-sized. It costs $1 (postage included) in the U.S. and $1.50 (postage included) to Canada & $2 (postage included) everywhere else in the world.

paypal the appropriate amount to miranda_murmur @ yahoo.com)

& If you'd like to pay by mail instead, my address is:

PO Box 1800
Spokane, WA

(Be sure to mention what zine you're ordering!)

& If you'd like to trade for your zine, comment or email mirandaceleste@burningtheletters.net

& This zine will be $.50 each wholesale for 5 or more copies. If you'd like to see a copy for distro consideration, please comment!

Thanks so much! Any questions? Email mirandaceleste@burningtheletters.net


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