24 Hour Zine Thing

Poppy Arakelian
lj username: tezzkatt
city: Haverhill, Massachusetts
size/goal: 1/2 size....hmmm...personal challenge goal, I'm thinking that trying to do zine in 24 hours all while taking care of my almost two year old will be enough of a challenge ;) I've only made two zines before anyway...one during a 48 hour zine challenge last spring.

34 Candles

i got it done in 24 hours and still managed to take care of my toddler.

It is all hand written and drawn, a perzine, just random stuff really, nothing really deep or exciting. It is called 34 candles because I turned 34 during the 24 hours I did it ;) It is half-size and 24 pages.

If anyone wants to trade you can email me or comment here or my journal. I'm just going to do trades.

you can see the cover and an inside page here in my journal.

tezzkatt @ livejournal.com

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