24 Hour Zine Thing

Ferndale, Michigan
size/goals: 1/4 size because aesthetically I don't like 1/2 size, plus probably couldn't do a 1/2 zine in a year much less a day. personal, with NO POLITICS. creative layout, white space ok, but must be part of the design. At least two articles that occupy more than one page.

NBV #29.5

NBV #29.5 is done! It's my 24 hour zine! Each one is different and handmade with vellum, cloth, tulle, string, yarn, buttons, +++++! Includes a couple DIY ideas, some personal writing, and opossums! Will trade for other 24 hour zines, zines in general, mix tapes or a dollar. I am packaging this zine with NBV 29 a mini zine about HPV. I can do paypal, but it'll cost ya!

764 channing
ferndale, michigan 48220


for those of you who'd like to trade, please make sure you write a note that says that you want to trade for my 24 hour zine so it doesn't get mistaken as mail for the distro.

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