24 Hour Zine Thing

Irvine, California
Size: 24 pages, half size--unless I pass out midway, in which case it'll be 1/4


Never-Never, a zine named after Peter Pan and decorated by Mother Goose clippings. The pages are filled with my half-nostalgia: this is about everything I'll miss, not just what I've seen or had before. My mother's primitive urge to love love love and clutch clutch clutch; becoming lit; finding heroes in Row K, Seat 13; outer space; late-night fantasies of 20's-->covered wagons-->dinosaurs; and other writings that are both tiny and never-ending.

"I feel at home when it is near midnight, and I am in the backseat, the backseat, the backseat, and the nearer it gets to dark, the further back I am. It's not long before I am actually trailing behind the car, my body riding the air and unraveling at the edges..."

32 pages, 1/4 size.

$1 + 1 stamp to:

4052 Glenwood Street
Irvine, CA 92604

Paypal $1.60 to:


My regular zine, Godzilla Says Hi, can be found at my website: http://www.freewebs.com/godzillasayshi


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