24 Hour Zine Thing

Milwaukee, Wisonsin
preferred zine size: probably 1/4 size

The Obsessor

I had my doubts with all my bad luck lately, but I hunkered down and finished! I'm pretty proud of the results. I have decided to take a break from KUBBA. Instead I created the first issue of my new zine


It will be a per/fanzine that will focus on a different obsession each issue. This one was on MILWAUKEE! I love MKE and want others to know why, and maybe even come visit. It is a very low-fi issue because my printer is out of ink. It is all stamped and typewritten with a few touches of handwriting. There are a number of photos and a handful of illustrations.

topics include:
some history and misc facts
our library system
the zoo
and more

virtually travel these fine neighborhoods:
the east side
the 3rd ward
and kinnicinick/bay view

These are meant to be traded with fellow 24 hr zines (but may be purchased for $1 and maybe a stamp).

I also finally got the chance to copy "TRAMPOLINE" - my 24 hr comic challenge. It is an illustrated version of the song by Damien Jurado. Tt is cute. It can be traded for other COMICS (and may be purchased for $1 or 3 stamps). i can't wait to see everyone's work!!

Jessica Bublitz
922 E. Knapp St.
Apt. 21
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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