24 Hour Zine Thing

Taking its cue from 24 Hour Comics Day and with much much much respect to Scott McCloud,
the 24 Hour Zine Challenge asks zinesters to create a 24-page zine
from conception to final product in 24 hours straight.
Zines should be of suitable size and technical difficulty
so that this truly is a challenge for individual zinesters.
Feeling adventurous? Make an oversized zine!
With collage material, all typewritten, with a blockprinted cover!
Coptic-stitch bound with silver thread!
It's not called 24 Hour Zine Day because there is no set day on which you must complete the challenge.
There's only a deadline for when you need to get the zine finished and mailed: July 31, 2006.

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rock scissors paper is a huge stack of zines and chapbooks I put together
with a whole lotta help from a whole bunch of very talented contributors:
poets, illustrators, photographers, writers, journalists, etc.
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