Literary Chapbooks

Tan Raspberry Rhythms--my first offical poetry chapbook
(not including the 200 page chapbook--yeesh--of
all the poems I wrote before I turned 19), 2001
Sold Out

I Wish I Were in Ecuador--a poetry present for Richie
before he escaped our relationship with
all my chapbooks and spoken word CDs, 2001
Sold Out

Bitchs and Peaieces, 2002
Third edition poetry chapbook, 32 pages, half-letter, brown cardstock cover
$2.60, including S&H

Off-center copies of Bitchs and Peaieces available with copy-paper covers: $1.60

My Name Is Mesa, Mesa's fundraiser chapbook, 2002
Sold Out

Voices for the Voiceless, 2002, compiled by Corbet Dean
to benefit the Chicanos Por La Causa women's shelter
back and front cover spread
half-letter, about 30 pages, glossy white cardstock cover
$5.95, including S&H

Razz Yell Inside, 2002, autobiographical essays and poetry
front and back cover spread
Sold Out

Photos of Bitchs and Peaieces and Razz Yell Inside.
Razz Yell had a reflective outer cover
so you could read the words, which were printed backwards
on the inner cover.

Reservoir Poets: Bill Campana, David Tabor, Stephen G. Roy, and Julie Elefante--the Mesa pickup team's fundraiser chapbook, 2003
back and front cover spread
half-letter, about 16 pages
$3, including shipping and handling

The Haiku Envy series, front and back cover spreads
A group of poets write one haiku a day for an entire year
Not For Sale

Haiku Envy 1, 2002

Haiku Envy 2: Haikuperating, 2002

Haiku Envy 3: Haikunfession, 2003

Haiku Envy 4: Huh?ku, 2004

Haiku Envy 5: Haikuramba, 2004

Haiku Envy 6: Haiku Youku We All Ku, 2004

Haiku Envy 7: Haikuntagion, 2004

Haiku Envy 8: Haikulocity, 2004

Haiku Envy 9: Haikulesterol, 2004

Haiku Envy 10: Haikulepsy, 2004

Haiku Envy 11: Haikuku's Nest, 2004

Haiku Envy 12: Haikunclusion, 2004

Anthology Cafe's Anthology, 2004
Coming soon