Chronic Digitalia

Notepad Chronicles: Web Sites
Someone told me that Web site design was easier if you had something better than MSNotepad, but that cost money I didn't have, so Notepad had to do.

Pretending Enigmatic, a third version of my first site,
a collection of resources, 1998

Pierre Chareau, a site for Pierre Chareau's
Le Maison de Verre, 1998

The Perimeter, the page linking my resource site
to my personal site, 1998

Tan Raspberry, the first site, 1998

Ginny M.I.A., an album page for my best friend, Ginny,
after she was commissioned into the Army, 1998

Tan Raspberry 2.0, the second incarnation of my personal site, 1999

Tan Raspberry 3.0, 1999

Tan Raspberry 3.0 gallery, 1999

Tan Raspberry 3.0 contact page, 1999

JACE Portfolio, 1999

Climb, a page about climbing, 2000

Tan Raspberry 4.0 prototype, 2000

Tan Raspberry 4.0 flash page, 2000

Tan Raspberry 4.0 index page, 2000

Sheryl Susenkewa's Online Gallery, 2000

Total System Failure, 2001, ironically, the online zine
that e.p. and I tried to start up together, 2001

Scream!, 2002

Mesa Slam, 2003