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Julie began her journey into the world of zines in 2000, initially creating poetry chapbooks for herself and her circle of poet friends. In 2004, she made her first dedicated zine project, BirlZine, distributing it for free for her community of birls who were in search of representation and acceptance. This passion project laid the foundation for rock scissors paper, a creative endeavor designed to support and house a diverse collection of zines. Through rock scissors paper, Julie continues to foster a sense of community and belonging, providing a platform for voices that echo the inclusivity and solidarity BirlZine stood for.

BirlZine #1-4

Half-legal size, and foldout small #s 0 and 1, quarter-page size: Art, writing, and resources collab by and for “birls,” a genderqueer spectrum from tomboys to trans folk. Always free and available for download here.

24-Hour Zines 2005 & 2006

Quarter-page: In 2005, inspired by Scott McCloud's 24 Hour Comics project, I decided to apply the concept to a 24-hour zine project and host a virtual, international event. Zinesters sent copies of their zines to me, and I hosted the images and information on my website, though the image server I used has since closed, and I have yet to rescan and upload the participants' zine images. My zines for the 2 years I hosted were a variety and perzine about evolving creative expression.

4-Hour Zine

Quarter-page: A test run of the 24-hour zine idea, this was a 4-hour zine project. A perzine about finding gender.
$2 each

24-Hour Zine 2005:

Qquarter-page, one-woman variety zine.
$3 each

24-Hour Zine 2006:

Quarter-page, perzine about evolving creative expression
$3 each

I'm beautiful, damnit

1/8-page two-pager: a struggling affirmation perzine.
$1 each


A perzine about feeling incomplete in a whole body.
$2 each

Crappy Day Affirmations—A Grumpy Zine

Because bad days are days, too.
$2 each


A collection of true ghost stories.

Sticker Club #1-3 & Mystery Pack

One-sheet mini zines--sticker love has always been constant, from kid drama to adulting philosophy.
$7 for all three

Sticker Club Mystery Pack--folded envelope, what’s in there? Stickers!

MiniZineJuly23 Zines

A collection of one-sheet mini zines covering a wide range of topics:

  1. Introductions: Fears and Doubts Meet Their Final Destinations, about how I'd kill my fears and doubts, Final Destination style
  2. Throwback: Throwing Up a Throwback, When Gnarly, Rad, and Bad Were Good——Remembering an 80s childhood
  3. Fanzine: Stamp Fan-—hand-stamped with carved eraser stamps
  4. Pocket guide: A Perimenopause Pocket Guide—-symptoms and treatment options
  5. Pocket guide: Quality Intimacy Through Consensual Domination——some startup tips on consent, self-confidence, and beginners’ ideas
  6. Memories: Grounded: Memories Beneath My Feet——about gratitude and getting over a breakup, one step at a time
  7. Fashion: Fashion Plate Flip Book——nonconventional fashion with pages formatted to mix and match outfits
  8. 24-hour zine, in 3 parts:
    1. Minority Report: Perspectives of a Bisexual Filipino-American Daughter of Always Being the Only One in a Room Full of People
    2. A Historical Sketchbook Mini Tour--remembering to never say I can’t make art
    3. Self-Care Kit for Tumultuous Times--an easy handful of self-care tips

B/W $1, color $2, stamp fan $3, or any 5 for $5

Ghostwatch Paranormal Magazine #18: Into the Night

Collab zine curated and edited by Paul Longo featuring true experiences, poems, short fiction, artwork, and photography.

Ghostwatch Paranormal Magazine #23: My House Is Haunted!

Collab curated and edited by Paul Longo featuring one of my stories alongside true experiences, poems, short fiction, artwork, and photography.


A tongue-in-cheek guide to help summon the spooky season spirit.

A quick and gritty tarot interpretation guide and blind-pick tarot notebook

A zine of short definitions of each card in the Smith-Rider-Waite deck, a companion to blind-pulled tarot card notebooks to help buyers interpret the card they pull.